Orthotic Footwear


The orthopedic shape of SOLE’s platform provides custom support for the entire foot. This support helps reduce strain on the foot, particularly post-activity when it’s most fatigued, preventing arch collapse and associated problems. SOLE products have a 90-day satisfaction Guarantee. Even if they’ve been worn, customers have 90 days to ensure they’ve selected the right SOLE for them.


Feature and benefits of Sole Custom Orthotics

  1. Mouldable Platform: Contours to the shape of each foot for customized support
  2. Orthopedic Shape: Promotes the heels natural cushioning and arch adjusts to the optimal height for personalized arch support
  3. Metatarsal Pad: Lifts and spreads the forefoot into its natural position to promote relaxation and aid in post-activity recovery of the foot
  4. Polygiene: Antimicrobial treated footbed helps control odor-causing bacteria
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